Dylan Warren

Rider Bio

Melbourne, Australia

Current board quiver…..what you use it for.
MBS Pro 95. jumping and grinding down silly things.

Favorite style of riding? What your ideal ride day would be? Where you would like to go riding that you haven’t already?
My favourite type of riding is freestyle. An ideal day would be wake up late. listen to some beets. Drive down to a spot, a gap or rail of some sort and get some photos done. I’d like to check out Brazil and more of Europe and America.

How did you get into the sport?
I’ve been skateboarding since i started school pretty much, a good mate of mine had a board down at the skatepark one time and made me try it. I’ve been riding ever since.

Dirt / mountainboard inspired quote.
“Eat your shirt off!!” – True Grizz

Favorite music, food and beverage:
Hip Hop. Pizza. Beer

Favorite thing about the sport:
Riding things that cant be done on a skateboard!

Anything else that kids around the world might think is interesting about you:
I just got back from a 2 and a half month Mountainboard trip around Europe and America! i have kangaroos in my backyard and I was mates with the crocodile hunter!

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