Devin Garland

Rider Bio

Name: Devin Garland

Mountainboard Sponsors: MBS, Altitude Sickness Board Shop, Wrong Wear, BC Northern lights, Dirt Star Army, Ghost Town

Snowboard Sponsors: Orwellian Snowboards

Hometown : Lakewood, Colorado

Current board quiver: MBS Pro 95 with aluminum hubs, aluminum top trucks, F4 bindings, and Slick tires. Slick tires are for speed and slides anywhere, great for dirt roads as well as the street and skate park. From back country jibs to Altitude Sickness dirt park, grass hills and dirt roads, I ride it all.

Favorite style of riding. I am a Freestyle junkie all around, but this doesn’t mean I stick to wooden ramps or big dirt jumps, I like to find street and backcountry stuff as well and try to push the boundaries of where we can and do ride

What your ideal ride day would be. Hanging out with my boys in front of the best dirt jumps and boarder cross track money can build. Then kicking back with a cold one to chat about the day.

Where you would like to go riding that you haven’t already : I haven’t been to England yet, and I would love to ride with more international riders.

How did you get into the sport : I got into mountain boarding because of the concept, it was to off-road skateboard really and I sure like with most people it opens up other doors then just going down a mountain or riding some dirt jumps.

Dirt / mountainboard inspired quote : “Work smarter, not harder,” Josh Knepper

Favorite music, food, and beverage : I love Dub Step, DNB, Ska, Punk, almost everything. Food anything healthy, and Beverage Super Food

Favorite thing about the sport : It would have to be the people, my friends all over, new and old faces alike we are bound by the board and thrill.

Anything else that kids around the world might think is interesting about you

I am Captain Insane-o I have had more nicknames then any one in history so much that my name itself might not be remembered. I have been riding for 13+ years. I do demos as well as competing taking up most my summers. I have taken mountainboarding from coast to coast and would love to keep rolling till the end.


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