Jason Lee

Rider Bio

Hometown: Colorado Springs!!

Current board quiver…..what you use it for: Leon Robbins Pro 100 “Bomber” for racing and freeriding and bombing and going straight and fast and big & a Gen II Razor…no eggs for carving….always in the back of my car.

Favorite style of riding? What your ideal ride day would be? Where you would like to go riding that you haven’t already?
Jumps and jumps and turns and carves then into a big jump….like the old “Valley” spot. BMX tracks…..Moab…Grand Junction…..riding with friends…carving on pavement.

How did you get into the sport?
Started skateboarding in the late 70s….raced BMX in Jr High and High School…started snowboarding in ’86 in Durango, CO (one of the first places in the country to allow it)…..started mountainbiking in 1990……then met Patrick McConnel in 1991and we said ….”hey….lets start a company for snowboarders so they can ride year ’round.” and that is how I got into the sport.

Dirt / mountainboard inspired quote:
“When in doubt….bring a chainsaw”

Favorite music, food and beverage:
I love, love, love music and especially live music…..WEEN! LCD Soundsystem! electronic….kick ass guitar….Ghostland Observatory (more lasers please!). Sushi is good! cereal. watermelon….dinner for breakfast. Coke and Lemon Lime Gatorade and Coors Light

Favorite thing about the sport:
It’s just plain fun! Ride wherever you want! There is something super primal about carving!

Anything else that kids around the world might think is interesting about you:
I have two awesome kids, super awesome friends and a beautiful and fun girlfriend! I love playing foosball and doing art and reading. I’m a substitute dj at our local radio station KRCC 91.5FM Listen up!

Always wear a helmet


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