Mason Moore

Rider Bio

Age: 19 years young.

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Current board quiver…..what you use it for: Right now I’m rocking the Jereme Leafe Pro 95, I use it for taking names, kicking ass, freestyle, and boardercross, it’s an overall amazing board. Hats off to you dear Leafe.

Favorite style of riding. What your ideal ride day would be. Where you would like to go riding that you haven’t already: My favorite style of riding would be a nice slope style run, for instance here in SLC, we have the University of Utah, which has a train that takes us to the top of the campus and we ride down about a mile or more of hills, stair drops, and hand rails just to name a few features. But no matter what we’re riding an ideal day to me would be the whole Dirtstar crew out and about having a good time and enjoying what we all love to do together. I must say though that on top of all of that, if I got to go ride in Costa Rica or New Zeland I could definitely die a happy mountain boarder.

How did you get into the sport: Well you may know a little lady by the name of Emily “milly” Wallace, that’s right, this US opens champ introduced me to the sport in spring of 2006 at the first of many Dirtstar army and salty peaks learn to rides. Ever since that day her and I kept at it along with Van DeWitt and Casey Thomas riding every day, trying new things and practicing till my first sweep at the US opens in 2006 just 4 months later. Thanks Guys!!!

Dirt / mountainboard inspired quote:
Two favorites of mine are “Dirt before skirt”-Dave Peters and “shag it and bag it”- Justin P. I especially like this one because on the day I landed my first 720, my buddy Justin yelled this and so I threw a couple of air thrusts on the way down toward the jump… pre wound, and threw it, stomping it clean… so if I’m having an off day all I just start “shagging and bagging” (feel free to use it)

Favorite music, food and beverage: Favorite music is going to have to be a little britney spears because i just keep doing it again… OOPS! but really I like it all… except Justin Bieber, country, and classical. Favorite food and beverage really just depends on the weather, on a cold day I enjoy some tomato basil soup with a grilled cheese and on a warm day watermelon… hands down. or my mom’s macaroni and cheese anytime. yummm. As for the beverage of choice, I could easily enjoy an Dr. Pepper, Vanilla Coke, Pepsi, or Mountain Dew any day of the week. and a little coffee with my french vanilla cream.


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