Parts & Gear


Whether you are looking for a replacement deck or building a dream board from scratch MBS has a deck for every occasion. Decks featuring Maple Laminate, Power Laminate and Reverse Cap Composite construction.

Look for our NEW line of A-1 Asymmetric Concave Decks coming soon!

Trucks and Suspension

MBS Trucks

The life blood of a mountainboard is in the trucks. Carving is king and the way you carve is determined by your trucks and suspension. MBS has pioneered trucks systems since the early 90’s and we are still at the top of our game. Grab some ATS, Vector, or our Matrix trucks.

Look for our NEW Matrix Pro II Truck System featuring ShockBlock suspension coming soon!


MBS Wheels

Sticks and stones may not break your bones but having the right wheels will let you ride over those sticks and stones with ease. Our solid Tri-Spoke hub design has been around for years but now you can choose from the super durable and trick looking Rockstar Pros and our amazing “bang for your buck” Rockstar IIs. Combine the hubs with the right tread and you’ve got one mean machine. Pick 8″ Roadies for solid street carving, the aggressive and light 8″ T1s for fast freestyle, or the super grippy 8″ T3s, or even the 9″ T2 tread for serious off road riding. Big wheels are what make these boards MOUNTAINBOARDS!


MBS Bindings

Having the right connection with your board is key to both aggressive off-road carving or the most technical freestyle maneuvers. It’s all about staying on the board. And what better way than to stay on the board with comfort and style. MBS pioneered the open-heel binding design in the 90s with the Free Flex binding and now feature has the F1s, F2s, and the newest and greatest binding of them all…the F5!  Add a Heel Strap for an even more secure fit. Lock in, lock on and enjoy the ride with MBS bindings.

Look for our NEW F-5 Binding System featuring a dual adjustment buckle system coming soon!!


There’s nothing more important than your head. Just ask your mom. But seriously, if you ride hard you’re eventually going to fall hard and a solid helmet is a must for any new rider or seasoned veteran. MBS helmets meet top safety certifications and are ready to take a few knocks while you perfect your moves. No matter what helmet you decide to go with, get a helmet, and live to ride another day.

Pad Sets

MBS Pads

We all know scars and scrapes are a good way to look tough but after a while they just plain hurt. Get fully geared up with a set of knees pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. The more solid you feel when you ride the more aggressive your riding will get. MBS has a full range of pads and a size to fit almost every rider.

Wrist Guards & Gloves

Hillbilly Wrist Guards

Hillbilly wrist guard gloves are just plain bad ass. Whether you choose the half finger of the full finger glove your hands will be ready for a burly slide out. And bonus points they look pretty tough in black leather.

Hip Pads

Hillbilly hip pads are made to go under your pants or shorts providing an extra cushion when you take that long slide or slam off a jump. They are comfortable and breathable and like any piece of protective gear they make riding better in the long run.







What is MountainBoarding?

  • It's like snowboarding but done on grass, dirt or pavement. With a mountainboard your terrain is limitless & you can ride ALL YEAR LONG! MBS Mountainboards. Since 1993
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