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What is a mountainboard?

A mountainboard is part snowboard and part skateboard. Mountainboards include a snowboard-like deck, adjustable turning system, air-filled knobby tires and an open-heel binding system. All MBS mountainboards can be outfitted with a hand-held V brake.

What is mountainboarding?

Mountainboarding is essentially snowboarding but done on grass, dirt or pavement. With a mountainboard your terrain is limitless and you can ride ALL YEAR LONG! Although it draws a lot of similarity from snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding, mountainboarding has developed into a sport in it’s own right with it’s own culture and history and includes racing, freestyle, freeride and kiting disciplines. Mountainboarding is done in over 30 countries and continues to be one of the most exciting and fastest growing board sports.

Where can I ride a mountainboard?

Only on a mountain? No. You can ride a mountainboard almost anywhere. In fact you really need only a 5 degree slope to have enough speed in which to carve. Generally grass hills are an ideal place to learn. Additionally you can ride on bmx tracks, dirt roads and pavement. The question is more “Where can’t I ride my mountainboard?” The answer is you can ride it almost anywhere you want.

What is Land Kiteboarding?

Land kiting is using a mountainboard and power-kite to harness the power of the wind to experience the thrill of kitesurfing on grass, dirt or firm sand. Land kiting is a great alternative to traditional kitesurfing on water and is a sport in it’s own right. Kite instructors find it easier to teach the fundamentals of kiting on dry land with a mountainboard because it can be done in lower and safer wind speeds and the kiter doesn’t have to worry about the added element of being in the water.

Is mountainboarding hard to learn?

Mountainboarding is quite easy to learn for anyone with generally good balance. In fact it is much easier to learn than snowboarding. Within one hour most people can learn how to carve in both directions and in total control.

What additional gear do I need?

We recommend wearing it all. Helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards, leather gloves, long pants, knee pads, sturdy shoes, eye protection. The safer you feel the better you will ride and when you do take the eventual tumble you’ll get right back up and ready to ride again.

Who rides a mountainboard?

Snowboarders, skateboarders, surfers, mountainbikers, bmxers, wakeboarders, skiers all ride mountainboards. Basically anyone can do it. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the slopes or a first timer you’ll find that mountainboarding is very easy to learn and in fact you do not need any special boarding skill to make your first turns. Before long you’ll be a true mountainboarder.

How old do you need to be to learn how to mountainboard?

We recommend being at least 6 years old and 50lbs. But a lot depends on how good you are already at riding snowboards or skateboards. As well you can be as old as you like. There are many people in their 60s old who regularly ride.

Why do people mountainboard?

Lots of people mountainboard to stay in shape in the snowboard off-season. Riding a mountainboard in the Spring, Summer and Fall keeps your muscle groups in shape and once winter rolls around you're ready to hit the slopes in great riding shape. Another reason people mountainboard is that they don’t live in areas where they can snowboard, skateboard or surf. Mountainboards can be ridden almost everywhere. No snow, pavement or waves are necessary.

When can I ride my mountainboard?

Mountainboards can be ridden in almost every season. The only time you really can’t ride a mountainboard is when there is a significant amount of snow on the ground.

Can I ride a mountainboard at my local resort in the summertime?

Some resorts offer full blown mountainboarding programs like Snowmass Resort in Colorado, others just allow access to their service roads. Before traveling to any resort to mountainboard be sure to call ahead and get the latest information on their program. Most places will require having brakes on your board.

Can I ride my mountainboard at my summer camp?

Over 200 camps around the United States and around the world offer mountainboard programs. And if they don’t, ask them to consider it for next year. Horseback Riding, Archery, and Mountainboarding. The Triple Crown of a summer camp program.

What about at BMX tracks or Bike Parks?

Tracks and parks are some of the funnest places to ride. They can be super fast and super fun. Berms, roller, and jumps...what more could you ask for. Sometimes you will run across a track tat is really really flat...hey...get a Bungee and shoot your way onto the track with some speed. It's sometimes all you need to really blaze around the track.

Is mountainboarding an extreme sport?

It’s only as extreme as you make it. You can always jump off a cliff on your first time out but it’s best to learn the basic of riding, carving, pushing and stopping before going too crazy. Get our latest action DVD, Shralpdown, and witness some amazing riding first hand.

Is mountainboarding dangerous?

Not if you take the time to learn the basics and wear proper protective gear. Also with a hand-held V Brake learning to ride a mountainboard is really easy.

How much do mountainboards cost?

Mountainboards range in price from $150 for an entry level board with brake system to $600 or more for the ultimate downhill, race, or freestyle board. Check out the Comp 95. A lot of bang for not a lot of buck.

How do you steer a mountainboard?

You steer a mountainboard by carving toe-side and then heel side making what we call J turns. Turning further up the hill will make the board slow down and eventually stop. Click HERE for diagram.

How do you stop a mountainboard?

Turn the board real sharply uphill and you will stop the board. Also you can use a hand-held V brake but it is best to learn to stop without a brake by turning and powersliding. Check out our MBS Ride Guide Video on our You Tube Channel  HERE to learn the basics including how to stop without a brake.

What style of riding is typically done at mountainboard races?

The two main disciplines of mountainboard racing are Boardercross and Freestyle.

What is freestyle riding?

Freestyle riding is mainly about jumping and catching air. In freestlye events riders compete against each other by performing grabs, spins and flips each trying to do a more advanced trick. Riders usually get at least 3 jumps and can throw out their lowest score. Freestyle events can be only one jump or as many as 4 or more jumps in a row. When more than one jump is part of the event it is typically called Slopestyle. Often times rail slides are a part of the course and give riders more opportunities to score points. Freestyle riding is one of the most popular types of riding.

What is boardercross racing?

Boardercross racing is typically done on a relatively narrow dirt course and includes banked turns, jumps, drops, rollers and steep and flat sections designed to challenge the riders’ ability to stay in control. Boardercross racing is usually done with 4 riders at the same time on the same course each trying to get to the end of the course first. Although it is against the rules to purposefully knock another rider down it’s not uncommon for racers to collide with each other. Boardercross racing is usually very fast and can be filled with wrecks which makes it a great spectator sport.

How can I build my own dirt course?

First you need a bit of land and it helps that it has a bit of a slant. Next start digging. There are a few methods to do this. If you can get someone to drop off some dirt that is even better. Get a lot of shovels, some water for packing and a lot of friends and before long you can have at least a good kicker jump. Click HERE for some amazing Course pictures.

What can I do to promote the sport in my area?

Encourage your friends to try riding your board. Ride as much as possible in areas where there are a lot of people like at parks when events are going on, etc. Start a club at your school. Go to shops and encourage them to stock the latest MBS parts. See if they will sponsor you to do demos in your area.